About Us

Our Mission

We exist because female founders must achieve the success they deserve. The only way to change the current trends of the businessworld is by coming together as a united group of powerful women. Together, we can find the capital, visibility, mentorship and support that we need to not only found businesses that survive, but thrive.

Do What You Love

For many of us, being a female founder is more than business, it’s personal. Passion and beliefs drive our entrepreneurial spirit. What’s important is learning how to turn that personal drive into a profitable company—and we have the guidance to get you there.

Find Your Strength

Somewhere inside each of us is a business superpower—a special skill that puts us ahead of our competitors and makes us stand out from the crowd. Discovering your inner gifts and learning how to use them to your advantage is a key part of your journey to success.

Learn, Learn, Learn

There is no limit to what we can learn. Whether you have decades of entrepreneurial experience or are just getting started founding your first company, we have the tools to help you continue learning and growing as a professional and person.

Make Powerful Connections

Whether you’re building connections with fellow female founders or new customers, the ability to have strong and meaningful relationships is one of the most rewarding parts of owning your own business.

Keep Your Focus

Starting a business is a true test of will and determination. You’ll need to find balance between many competing priorities and the inner-strength to ignore self doubt. 

Seek Out Support

Strong support networks are a vital part of overcoming challenges. By understanding your strengths and weaknesses, you will also know when to reach out to others in the network who have expertise in areas where you aren’t as skilled.

Members At The Heart Of Our Organization

At The Female Founders Network, it’s never about competition and always about collaboration. We’ve consciously developed a culture where we encourage each other’s success. This means sharing information, leads, contacts, and business so that we all come out on top. “Give First, Share Always” is a core philosophy and at the heart of our membership culture.

Meet the Faces behind Success!

Rose Vitale

Founder of

Female Founders Network

Diana Affandi


Female Founders Network

Felecia Froe, MD


Female Founders Network

Andrea J. Vitale

Founders & Investor Liaison

Female Founders Network

Fitri Kusumayanti

Administration Director

Female Founders Network

E-Book: Science Of Becoming A Female Investor.

Women own 40% of U.S. businesses—these businesses largely preform better and yield higher returns than those of male founded companies. Despite a clear trend that’s backed by years of data, women still are receiving significantly less funding and capital than men.

I'm on a mission to change this story

Only by teaching women to become investors, can we see more equality in the way that money is invested. Within this book women will learn the essentials of being a smart investor, backed by decades of experience and success from my own personal journey.

Together, our future will be founded and FUNDED by females.

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